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The dictator toppled.
Saddam Hussein,
former dictator of Iraq.
Congratulations to the people of Iraq. (10/04/2003)

Video: Saddam Hussein's regime, and statue, toppled - April 2003

Saddam Hussein Arrested! (14/12/2003)

Video: Saddam Hussein arrested - December 2003
The dictator caught.

This page was compiled with the following motto:
PWHCE and its trustees express the hope that the Iraqi people will soon truly live in peace, free from violence and the ever-present threat of violence.

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Explanatory note from PWHCE Editor Trevor Stanley.

For several months, I have considered the pros and cons of a potential war in Iraq. For some time I was opposed to such a war, but as I continued to gather and consider evidence, I concluded that perhaps going to war in Iraq could be the right decision.
As the war has now begun, the question of our involvement is a matter of history.
However, I have been struck by the shallowness, selfishness and hypocrisy of many arguments on both sides of the debate. In particular, when I did not support action, I sometimes found myself in
most distasteful company.
Let's be clear.
  • To go to war in Iraq means to kill Iraqi people.
  • To leave the dictator(ship) in power means to abandon the Iraqi people to tyranny.
  • War in Iraq will confirm Al Qaeda's accusations of a crusade against Muslims in the minds of potential militants.
  • Retreat from Iraq will confirm Al Qaeda's prediction that Superpowers are defeated by terrorism.
    Any course of action is a cause for sorrow and regret. It's unfortunate that many seem not to realise that.
    With this link page, I try to present articles which influenced me, while also pointing out the problems in some of the arguments presented in the debate.
    Trevor Stanley, 23rd March 2003.
    P.S. The following sums up my problems with the anti-war movement. Listen to this American anti-war protestor fail to answer an Iraqi refugee's question, "How exactly will leaving Saddam in power promote peace and justice in Iraq".
    - The Links -

    Organisations for a Free Iraq
    The Iraq FoundationOrganisation"The Iraq Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working for democracy and human rights in Iraq, and for a better international understanding of Iraq's potential as a contributor to political stability and economic progress in the Middle East."
    No To SaddamOrganisationThis is the clearing house for worldwide protest activities against Saddam Hussein.
    Warning: The 'photos' section contains pictures of gassed civilians, torture wounds and executions, which some may find disturbing.
    Iraqi Forum for DemocracyOrganisationAn organisation committed to a democratic Iraq. Based in the USA.
    The Constitutional Monarchy MovementOrganisationThe Constitutional Monarcy Movement of Iraq seeks to restore the Hashemite dynasty to Iraq, replacing the Ba'athist dictatorship of Saddam Hussein with a democratic, constitutional monarchy.
    The site is the vehicle of Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein, a claimant to the throne living in London.
    In English and Arabic
    Kurdish Organisations
    Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)OrganisationContains sections on the Peshmerga, etc
    Kurdistan Democratic Party of IraqOrganisationTheir slogan is: "Peace Freedom Democracy".
    Another Kurdish independence webpage, this one is hosted in Sweden.
    Governments, Agencies, NGOs and Documents
    UN Resolutions:
    FAS List
    UNSCOM List
    Resolution 660
    Resolution 678
    Resolution 687
    Resolution 1441
    Information resourceGovernment Site
    United Nations Security Council Resolutions on Iraq:
    Federation of American Scientists: Security Council Resolutions on Iraq. Incomplete list.
    United Nations Special Commission list of resolutions and documents on Iraq. Also incomplete.
    Resolution 660, 2 August 1990, demands that Iraq withdraw invasion forces.
    678, 29 November 1990, authorisation for military intervention in Iraq.
    687, 8 April 1991, conditions of cease-fire; the destruction of WMD and delivery systems and acceptance of international observers.
    1441, 8 November 2002, declaration that Iraq is in material breach of obligations, and final chance to disarm..
    Statement of the Vilnius Group CountriesInformation Resource/DocumentStatement of the Vilnius Group Countries.
    This statement, issued on the 5th February, committed ten signatories of the Vilnius Group countries to support for action against Iraq. Eight of those countries went on to become part of the Coalition of the Willing.
    BBC: Iraq Inspections TimelineHistorical pageThe BBC's timeline of the twelve year saga of 'weapons inspection' in Iraq.
    UNSCOMGovernment SiteUnited Nations Special COMmission on Iraq.
    This page is an important resource for understanding international action about Iraq over the past twelve years, despite the fact that UN staff stopped updating the page in December 1999.
    The page has, among other things, a chronology, documents and six-monthly reports.

    UNSCOM destroying a banned missile during the previous inspection programme.
    Iraq's Permanent Mission to the UNGovernment SiteIraq's Permanent Mission to the United Nations.
    This page is now 'temporarily unavailable' - 10/04/2003.
    US Mission to the UNGovernment SiteThe webpage of the United States Mission to the United Nations.
    UN Oil-For-FoodGovernment SiteUN Office of the Iraq Programme - Oil-For-Food
    Constitution of IraqInformation resourceInternational Constitutional Law is a website which presents information on constitutions around the world.
    This page provides links to the current Iraqi Interim Constitution, changes made to it, and the proposed new Constitution (see next link).
    Proposed Constitution of IraqInformation resourceThe Proposal for a new Constitution for Iraq, produced by Iraqi opposition groups.
    CIA - Iraq's WMDGovernment SiteIraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programmes (CIA).
    October 2002 Report.
    DFAT - Iraq and Weapons of Mass DestructionGovernment SiteDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia).
    UN Security Council - Australian StatementGovernment SiteSecurity Council Open Debate on Iraq - Australian Statement.
    Amnesty InternationalOrganisationFrom the links on this page, most Amensty International Statements relating to human rights in Iraq can be accessed. These include yearly reports back to 1996, repeatedly reporting on thousands of executions, arrests and disappearances.
    Human Rights WatchOrganisationAs with Amnesty International (above), HRW is concerned about the consequences of a war in Iraq, calling on all sides to respect human rights, but also condemns the systematic abuse of human rights in Iraq. A recent release is The Death Penalty, Executions, and "Prison Cleansing" (March 2003).
    Various languages.
    General Information Resources
    Coalition of the WillingOn our pageInformation resourceThis PWHCE resource page lists the members of the Coalition of the Willing, with a map of Europe illustrating that in fact, the Coalition is much less marginalised than is commonly claimed.
    Middle East ProjectOn our pageInformation resourceThis PWHCE project presents information on the Middle East, including Iraq.
    Perry Castaneda Iraq MapsMapsMaps of Iraq in the Perry Castaneda Map Collection.
    Includes maps of targets in the first strike on Iraq, CIA maps, specific city maps, and so on.
    CNN mapsMapsCNN maps of Iraq, including satellite images.
    SBS World GuideInformation resourceThe Australian Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) World Guide's entry on Iraq.
    CIA World Factbook: IraqInformation resourceThe CIA World Factbook's entry on Iraq.
    Governments on the WWWInformation resourceThe "Governments on the WWW" project's Iraq page. Contains comprehensive links to government ministries, diplomatic representation, regional bodies, parties (outside Iraq!), and other related pages.
    Note: many Iraqi Government webpages are down.
    Basra and Southern IraqInformation resourceBasra and southern Iraq analysis from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.
    USA Today/Gallup: April 2004 pollInformation resourceThis extensive poll in Iraq makes informative reading.
    The overwhelming support for the American-led Coalition by Kurds is counterposed to the resentment expressed in Sunni Arab areas outside Baghdad.
    The majority feel Iraq is better now than under Saddam, and that the fall of Saddam was worth the hardship that has been experienced. However, the poll also reveals deep dissatisfaction with the situation, outside Iraqi Kurdistan.
    StrategyPageInformation resourceMapsStrategy Page has assembled this resource covering the Iraq War. It includes maps, articles, a timeline and news reports.
    The HashemitesInformation ResourceThe Hashemite Dynasty is the royal family of Iraq. This extensive reference is on King Abdullah of Jordan's official page (Click here to skip graphic intro)

    The Hashemite Crown.
    Royalty in IraqInformation has a feature on Iraq, which includes links to many recent news stories.
    Kings of the Arabs - the HashemitesHistorical pageA series of timelines of Hashemite Kingdoms, including Iraq.
    Guardian: The Man Who Could Be KingBiographyPrince Hassan of Jordan speaks on Iraq, the UN and the Middle East region.
    PBS on the first Gulf WarHistorical pagePublic Broadcasting Service Special: The Gulf War: An In-Depth Examination of the 1990-1991 Persian Gulf Crisis.
    Arab! LinkInformation resourceA link page related to Iraq, residing on the Arab Link! webpage, a German webpage containing hundreds of Arab-related links.
    Norbert's Bookmarks - IrakInformation resourceNorbert's Bookmarks for a Better World. A link page relating to Iraq. Many other link pages on similar issues can be found on the page.
    The page takes a deliberately anti-government, anti-corporate, support-the-weak-against-the-strong approach.
    Also available Auf Deutsche (in German).
    Selected Articles
    PWHCE: Prisoner Abuse and the Future of IraqOn our pagePWHCE: Prisoner Abuse and the Future of Iraq. Guest editorial by Gerald Mercer of Social Action. (May 2004)
    PWHCE: Al-Qaeda's Revolutionary Model: the Iraq War and Madrid Bombings in ContextOn our pagePWHCE: Al-Qaeda's Revolutionary Model: the Iraq War and Madrid Bombings in Context
    This is the edited text of Trevor Stanley's April 2004 talk, which discussed al-Qaeda's plans for Iraq.
    PWHCE: John Kerry, Iraq and the Vietnam SyndromeOn our pagePWHCE: John Kerry, Iraq and the Vietnam Syndrome. David Bennett asks how John Kerry's past impacts on America's, and the world's, future.
    PWHCE: Lessons From the Iraq WarOn our pagePWHCE: Lessons From the Iraq War. Edited text of the 29th April 2003 PWHCE talk by Michael O'Connor of the Australia Defence Association.
    PWHCE: A Lenten Reflection on Iraq, Islam and the PopeOn our pagePWHCE: Lenten Reflections. This guest editorial by Gerald Mercer, Editor of Social Action, discusses the relationship between Islam and Catholicism with respect to the war in Iraq, and looks at Pope John Paul II's reaction.
    PWHCE: The Crisis in IraqOn our pagePWHCE: The Crisis in Iraq. Guest editorial by Gerald Mercer, Editor of Social Action.
    Boston Globe: What Has Gone Right in Iraq?News mediaMany pessimistic media commentators predicted a mass exodus of millions of refugees as part and parcel of the American-led invasion of Iraq. Many now paint a picture of a country living in despair. However, as Jeff Jacoby points out, the flow of refugees has been in the opposite direction. Many who fled the brutal Ba'athist regime are now returning.
    Thanks to Jan Dehs for the link.
    You can comment on this article at Trevor Stanley's weblog.
    MEMRI: The Arab Media Reaction to Saddam's ArrestNews mediaMiddle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has compiled excerpts from a number of Arab news sources, relating to the arrest of Saddam Hussein. The consensus (at least of those excerpts presented by MEMRI) is surprisingly anti-Saddam Hussein, contrary to the impression one has of sympathy for the ruler outside Iraq.
    Telegraph: Documents suggest Mohammad Atta was trained in IraqNews mediaDocuments obtained by the Iraqi governing council provide evidence of collaboration between Ba'athist Iraq and the al-Qaeda cell responsible for September 11. The documents also refer to the import of nuclear materials from Niger and to the murder of Abu Nidal.
    Telegraph: How the Chinese helped Iraq fight the USNews mediaWhoever said the Cold War club was dead? Apparently the Chinese assisted the Iraqis in preparing for war against the Coalition of the Willing.
    Telegraph: The Iraqi Colonel who said WMDs could be deployed in 45 minsNews mediaLt-Col al-Dabbagh is the Iraqi officer who told Britain's MI6 that Iraqi chemical weapons could be used within 45 minutes. He revealed that his unit was provided with chemical weapons in late 2002. This article is an interview with Lt-Col al-Dabbagh.
    SHNS: Iraq Behind the Cameras: A Different RealityNews mediaThe snippets seen in the daily news do not give a balanced representation of life in Iraq. This article looks at some of the everyday success stories in today's Iraq.
    (Posted on Mandy's British Royalty Club).
    MEMRI: Al-Sharif Ali bin HusseinNews mediaBiographicalMEMRI has kept up a digest of selected media reports from the press in Iraq since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. PWHCE has provided this link to one of those reports. Annex VII of the report provides a biography of His Majesty Al-Sharif Ali bin Hussein, King of Iraq, as the latest in the Iraqi Leadership Biographical Series.
    Austhink: The Rhetorical Rules of Engagement (Word .doc)NewsPaul Monk of Austhink approaches the debate over war in Iraq as an exercise in critical thinking.
    OpinionJournal: 'Bush Good, Saddam Bad!News(The Wall Street Journal) From the Front: 'Bush Good, Saddam Bad!'
    John R. Guardiano is a marine stationed in Iraq. This article makes the point that in most of Iraq (i.e. outside the 'Sunni triangle' the situation is much different than media reports suggest. Article date 19 August 2003, posted here 22 August 2003. Link found at:
    MEMRI: Arab and Muslim Jihad Fighters in IraqNewsThe Middle East Media Research Institute, which publishes regular English translations from Arab media sources, published this highly interesting series of excerpts from Arabic media reports related to the Islamists who went to fight 'Jihad' in Iraq. Both the disillusionment of Islamists who found themselves shunned and even shot at by Iraqis, and the fact that these foreign Islamists are not mentioned in media reports about 'organised Iraqi resistance' are worth noting.
    BBC: The Joke is on the PacifistsNewsMiranda Devine on the 'neo-pacifist' response to the war in Iraq.
    BBC: Applause as Marines Enter BasraNewsThe first media reports of Coalition troops being welcomed by 'liberated' Iraqis. Will this change the tune of anti-war protestors?
    The Telegraph: I was a naive fool to be a human shield for SaddamNews"I was a naive fool to be a human shield for Saddam."
    Disillusioned human shield Daniel Pepper describes the experiences in Iraq which led him to reconsider his anti-war stance. 23/03/2003.
    I Was WrongNewsAnother human shield who regrets his actions in defence of the Iraqi Government. An Assyrian Christian and lifelong missionary with family in Iraq, Ken Joseph Junior had based his life on pacifism. Travelling to Iraq as a human shield, he was shocked to find most Iraqis he spoke to actually wanted a war to liberate them from Saddam's dictatorship. The video tapes he consequently took will soon air on America's ABC network.
    26th March 2003.
    How Saddam 'Staged' Faked Baby FuneralsNewsA compelling refutation of the Iraqi propaganda which has been regurgitated by anti-western activists for some time.
    John Sweeney, The Observer, 23 June 2002.
    NewsDay: Blood of InnocentsNewsBlood of Innocents: Doctors say Hussein, not UN sanctions, caused children's deaths. By Matthew McAllester. 23rd May 2003.
    This article was found on Little Green Footballs weblog.
    Curveball: Saddam Hussein, He's The Murderer, Not The UNNewsPursuant to the previous article, Curveball weblog has compiled a list of statements previously made on the basis of this Iraqi propaganda.
    Letter from Iran: Why a Left-Leaning Feminist Supports the PentagonNewsAn article written by an American anti-war feminist now living in Iran. Shahla Azizi (a pseudonym) finds, to her surprise, that she supports the war in Iraq because of the impact it has on Islamic extremists. There are many compelling passages in this essay.
    Village Voice:
    Why I Didn't March This Time
    NewsLeft-wing columnist Nat Hentoff marched against the Vietnam War but not against the War in Iraq. Here, he explains why.
    Some of Hentoff's other articles are also worth reading. The American Way of Torture is an example.
    Asia Times: A 'Third Force' awaits US in IraqNewsSyed Saleem Shahzad's article discusses the emergence and growth of the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq, as a side-effect of Saddam Hussein's attempt to legitimise his rule by encouraging Islam.
    Iraq Won't Let Outside Experts Assess Sanctions' ImpactNewsBarbara Crossette, Originally published in New York Times, 12 September 2000.
    Air Wars: How Saddam Manipulates the U.S. MediaNewsAir Wars: How Saddam Manipulates the U.S. Media. In JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs).
    This article is a 'must-read'. After reading this article, you'll understand the importance of reading between the lines of news reports by western media within Iraq.
    Note: The Iraqi regime has now requested that some CNN reporters leave Baghdad.
    Oxan Briefing on Post-Saddam IraqNewsThis Oxford Analytical (OxAn) briefing discusses the three most likely scenarios for a post-Saddam Iraq - Authoritarian, Constitutional Monarchy and Fragmentation. The second seems the most palatable, but OxAn concludes that the first is more likely.
    A Time for KingsNewsNational Review: A Time For Kings: Hashemites and Others in the Arab Mix, David Pryce-Jones, 2nd September 2002.
    An article on the possible restoration of the Hashemite monarchy in post-Saddam Iraq. PWHCE trustees unanimously endorse such a proposal.
    The Idler: Letter from Behind the ArrasNewsAnother article discussing Hashemite Restoration - this one proposes a restoration in both Iraq and Saudi Arabia, which is highly relevant in a post-September-11 world. Could this be what policy-makers in the US and Britain are thinking?
    Uniting Jordan, Iraq post-war goal?NewsSTRATFOR report published in WorldNetDaily: Uniting Jordan, Iraq post-war goal?: Establishment of Hashemite kingdom being floated in diplomatic circles.
    This September 2002 article suggests that Cheney and Wolfowitz were considering uniting Iraq and Jordan under King Abdullah.
    The Guardian: If Saddam Goes, Bring Back the KingNewsAmazingly, The Guardian has published this pro-restoration article by John Casey.
    Although peppered with comments that Arab countries, including Iraq, have never accepted democracy (the same could have been said for Germany in 1945), this article is still convincing. One wonders why Casey assumes monarchy is incompatible with democracy - after all, it takes many diverse institutions to make a functioning society.
    Casey also reports widespread affection for the Hashemites in Iraq.
    United Press InternationalNewsUnited Press International links the likelihood of a Restoration to the level of participation/co-operation of Jordan.
    'No War' Does Not Equal 'World Peace'NewsThis is a very thought-provoking article by Joseph Wu, Deputy Secretary-General to the President of Taiwan. It looks at Taiwan's support for the Iraq action, and popular support for the world anti-war protests, in Taiwan's historical context.
    The article appeared in the Taipei Times, 20th March 2003, page 8.
    Why Saddam Will Never DisarmNewsThe Observer, 23 February 2003
    Newsweek Al-Samarrai InterviewNewsBiographical pageActive Duty's copy of Newsweek interview with Iraqi defector, General Wafiq al-Samarrai, former head of Military Intelligence in Iraq.
    PBS Al-Samarrai InterviewNewsBiographical pageAmerica's Public Broadcasting Service interview with Wafiq al-Samarrai. (See previous link).
    Today, Blair Speaks for Enslaved IraqisNewsSalih Barham, Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan, beseeches the British left to support the struggle of the Kurds against Saddam Hussein.
    Best of the Web articleNewsThis article comments on the furore over the decision of the (US) Democrats to continue arguing against troop deployment after those troops were already in the field, thus undermining morale. This debate is also relevant to Australian Opposition Leader Simon Crean's public criticism of the war in Iraq even after it has started. This erodes an important advantage the Coalition troops enjoy, which is that most of the Iraqi military does not believe in the cause in whose name it is fighting (the Ba'ath dictatorship).
    Note; the link at the left may change. If so, try the following articles: Washington Post, Wall Street Journal: The State of Our Politics, Boston Globe, Talking Points.
    Newsmax: We Shall Not SleepNewsDiane Ashton argues that the question of Iraq is equivalent to the question of Nazi Germany during the 1930s, that there are indeed demonstrable links between al Qaeda and the Iraqi regime and that American intelligence capability was eroded by political correctness under Clinton. Worth a read.
    The Asia Pacific Report brought this article to our attention.
    Noam Chomsky Zmag InterviewBiographical pageLeft wing 'western dissident' Noam Chomsky interviewed by ZMag in relation to the prospect of war with Iraq.
    Quote: "He is as evil as they come, ranking with Suharto and other monsters of the modern era. No one would want to be within his reach." - in reference to Saddam Hussein. An interesting interview in which Chomsky states that Hussein is an evil monster, but avoids giving any credit to the countries currently working to unseat that monster.
    Selected News Sources on the War in Iraq
    Iraq TodayNewsSaid to be one of the best of the new Iraqi publications and it's all in English. (Our source: Dear Raed Blog, Iraq).
    IraqNet Information NetworkNewsAn Iraqi news portal.
    The KurdistaniNews SourceThe Kurdistani offers news and information from Kurdistan.
    IraqWar.infoNewsThis page contains media digests on a number of topics related to Iraq and the War in Iraq (for example, No-Fly Zones, Food-For-Oil, US politics and Iraq and so on). The facility also exists to comment on articles and read other comments.
    Anti-War campaign groups
    You may notice a marked antipathy in the annotations for these links. The reasons for this are explained at the top of the page.
    Essentially, this movement can be called anti-war but not pro-peace.
    For clarification, please listen to this American anti-war protestor fail to answer an Iraqi refugee's question, "How exactly will leaving Saddam in power promote peace and justice in Iraq".
    Iraq Peace TeamOrganisation"The Iraq Peace Team" activists are in Baghdad with the intention of monitoring and keeping a record of abuses carried out by the Coalition in Iraq. While this is an admirable goal, the obvious implication that America and her allies will commit abuses and the complete absence of any suggestion that the Iraqi military or secret police might need to be monitored is of concern.
    Of course, if they did suggest they were going to monitor Iraqi human rights abuses, they would be unceremoniously ejected from the country, if not arrested.
    The Iraq Peace Team makes a point of distinguishing itself from the Human Shield campaign.
    Operation Human Shield
    Universal Kinship Society
    Organisation The "Human Shield" campaign is profoundly insensitive given that Saddam Hussein has used innocent civilians as human shields in previous conflicts, placing anti-aircraft guns on apartment blocks and so on.
    Given that the Iraqi regime does not care about the wellbeing of its civilians, because they have no strategic value, and given that the Coalition will not target civilians, for much the same reason, the regime ordered the volunteers to guard more likely targets. When many refused, disillusioned, they were expelled from the country, or left voluntarily.
    The unexpectedly ambivalent attitude of Iraqi civilians to their presence also disappointed some activists.
    For example: I was Wrong.
    Or: I was a naive fool to be a human shield for Saddam.
    One of the hardcore activists remaining in Iraq gave an interview with ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) TV which flatly contradicted live footage of Baghdad.
    Vote No WarOrganisationThis page offers the opportunity to "Vote Now in the Global Anti-War Referendum", describing this as "Real Grassroots Democracy".
    It turns out "voting" involves putting oneself on an anti-war mailing list. There is no option to vote "yes". Welcome to "Real Grassroots Democracy".
    International ANSWEROrganisationA.N.S.W.E.R. stands for Act Now to Stop War and End Racism.
    The page does little to explain why a war in Iraq is racist (given Iraq is a multi-racial, multi-religion community), and nor does it endorse unseating the Iraqi regime which is engaged in the genocide of ethnic groups inside its own borders, and sponsors terrorist attacks against Israelis.
    On the contrary, the organisation could more accurately be called "Fail to Act Now and Prolong Racism".
    Not in Our NameOrganisationOne of the unfortunate aspects of the climate since Vietnam is the pervasive use of the "national interest" and "self interest" as the sole justification of foreign policy. That we might take action in someone else's name, that is, in the name of justice, is unfortunately not appreciated by elements of both the right and the left.
    A bright spark in America has put together an In Our Name webpage. Sign the petition to register your support.
    Electronic IraqNewsA general Iraq activist page, including a digest of articles likely to be of interest to anti-war activists.
    Victorian Peace NetworkOrganisationThe Victorian Peace Network, the group organising protests in Victoria, Australia, took out insurance against a UN vote authorising the use of force by claiming that the UN was subservient to the USA and wanted war.
    They further asserted that "The USA also has plans to use tactical nuclear weapons." and predicted 48,000 to 260,000 deaths over three months of combat.
    One wonders what the mum-and-dad protestors make of this sort of blatant scare-mongering.
    Weblogs (Blogs, or web diaries)
    Dear Raed
    Healing Iraq
    Iraq the Model
    Iraq at a Glance
    Iraq & Iraqis
    NewsWeblogs from inside Iraq.
    The AgonistNewsThe Agonist has up-to-the-minute news on the War in Iraq.
    Blogs of WarNewsBlogs of War is another good source of up-to-date information, and provides links to many other diverse sites.
    The Weekly JamesNewsAn Australian blogger with a conservative viewpoint who has been getting a bit of media coverage here lately.
    Kevin Sites BlogNewsKevin Sites, a journalist in Iraq, was running this weblog until CNN told him to stop.

    "The removal of [Saddam] is the primary concern. What is worse than war is leaving in place a dictator who massacres his people. I wish people would actually listen to the ones most threatened by all this, the Iraqi people who are subjugated by this dictatorship".
    Bernard Kouchner, founder of Medecins Sans Frontieres.
    Quoted by Paul Monk in
    The Rhetorical Rules of Engagement.

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