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Glossary of Russian Organisations

BolshevikMajority (Social Democrat faction)
boyarnoble (of ancient clan)
DumaRussian Parliament.
dvorianelanded nobility
Glasnost'literally 'voice-ness' commonly translated as 'openness'. Glasnost' was the name of Lenin's policy of converting education and media to propaganda devices, and Gorbechev's policy of loosening media controls.
GPUState Political Administration (under NKVD).
IskraThe Spark - Newspaper of the Menshevik Internationalists' Central Committee.
IzvestiyaInformation, News - Newspaper of the Soviets
kameraOperational and Technical Directorate of the KGB.
KGBSoviet Secret Police (see also VCheka, GPU, OGPU, NKVD, MVD, MGB, NKGB).
MenshevikMinority (social democrat faction)
NKVDPeople's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (internal secret police) 7 Nov 1917-Dec 1930, 10 July 1934-16 March 1946.
Okhranatsarist secret police
PravdaThe Truth - Newspaper of the Bolshevik Central Committee.
Narodnaya VolyaPeople's Will (a revolutionary party during the Tsarist period).
VChekaAll-Russia Extraordinary Commission (Secret Police). Founded by Lenin and Dzerzhinsky (its first Chairman) in 1917.

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